Garry In the Home of Robert Louis Stevenson

I was recently asked to play for a 25th wedding anniversary. It was held at Stevenson House – a very nice venue in the New Town area of Edinburgh and the home of Robert Louis Stevenson. It is kept in a beautiful condition and is inhabited by a very nice family. Take a look at theirĀ website for more details. Unfortunately it was raining rather heavily so I was forced to play inside as the guests were arriving. The event ran very smoothly aside from a slight time delay and included speeches and readings of Robert The Home of Robert Louis StevensonLouis Stevenson’s work. Later I received a very nice reference from the organiser:

“When you’re stressed from preparing for a 25th wedding anniversary it’s a huge help that the piper is on time and ready well before you asked him to be there. A good start by Garry. He also absolutely looks the part. Musically he was perfect and everybody enjoyed his pieces. Inevitably our schedule slipped, and we kept Garry longer than we had intended. He was absolutely fine with that. More than happy to use him again when the occasion arises.”

Peter Downie, June 2012

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